Case Studies

Empirian Health—A Data-driven Health Company Gets a Precisely Crafted Name and Brand

By Stamp

When a pharmacy management company and a medical billing company were acquired by a new owner, they needed a completely new identity that included crafting a name that would appeal to target audiences of both companies.

Empirian Health—A Data-driven Health Company Gets a Precisely Crafted Name and Brand


Proactive RX (independent pharmacy billing services) and Veritas (long-term care pharmacy benefit management services) merged to create one company. The company uses data, provided through its proprietary systems, to manage pharmacies in long-term care facilities, correctional institutions and self-funded employers. Their platform delivers informed actions in real-time.


There were inherent challenges with the existing names—Proactive RX was confused with an acne treatment product and the Veritas name and logo were similar to a check verification service. Neither name had any equity with current clients nor name recognition in the industry. Rebranding would allow the company to develop a single, focused identity with a name that more accurately represents what the company does.


Research and strategic thinking led to the name “Empirian Health,” based on the adjective empirical meaning "verifiable by observation or experience." Stamp worked with Empirian to have their new name trademarked. From there, a new identity and supporting sales materials were designed to express the new brand.


A company whose service is data-driven needed an identity based on precision. Their new name is supported by geometrically precise graphics. The brand mark “E” combined with an arrow enhances the idea that Empirian is a company that uses the latest technology to give the most accurate information to its customers.

Services Delivered 

  • Naming Consultation
  • Trademark Search
  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design