Creating a Name and Brand Strategy Positions a Dental Practice Management Group for Future Growth

By Stamp

A dental practice management company sought Stamp’s help in creating an identity that resonated with their target audiences, positioned them for expansion, and produced a website that enhanced recruitment efforts.

Creating a Name and Brand Strategy Positions a Dental Practice Management Group for Future Growth


Genesis Dental Group is a comprehensive dental practice management company that owned eight dental practices (six in Alabama and two in Florida). The business model was to buy established dental practices with each practice retaining its own identity. By matching recent dental school graduates to practices where the dentist was ready to retire, the group was able to assist new dentists in establishing a general practice and facilitate the retiring dentist in transitioning his practice. 


Genesis wanted to rebrand under one umbrella but needed to be able to separate companies (i.e. Genesis-AL and Genesis-FL) for legal reasons. Their goal was to develop the company and expand to other states and the new identity had to allow for that type of future growth. 

Once the rebrand was complete, the company needed to recruit dentists to staff their practices. In addition to the lack of name awareness among the target audience, many potential recruits may have had a negative perception of dental practice management companies (like Aspen) because of the lack of independence and “cookie-cutter” approach.


Stamp’s initial assignment was to help Genesis with a new name and identity. The group wanted potential partners to feel like joining the company would provide the benefits of private practice without the impediments to success. Stamp was tasked with developing a name that evokes a positive feeling about becoming a “member” or “partner” of the company. We researched and provided a list of proposed names for the partners to choose from and then assisted in trademarking the selected option—Gendus Dental Partners.

The next step was to create an identity for the newly-named company. The “Infinite Opportunity” logo design is based on the concept of emphasizing the numerous options and services Gendus is prepared to offer dentists. Dentists at many different stages of their careers could benefit from the partnership, which has fewer restraints or limits on how a dentist chooses to practice. As an owner of a practice operated by Gendus under this independent yet supported model (sort of a yin and yang partnership), the dentist is freed of many of the day-to-day concerns. The infinity symbol supports the essence of the Gendus Dental brand. Altering the left side of the symbol to open as a letter “G” then mirroring this opening to create a letter “D”, makes this infinity custom to the Gendus brand.

Finally, we designed and developed a new, user-friendly website utilizing the new branding to position Gendus Dental Partners as the perfect solution for a young graduate who can’t afford to buy a practice right away, an established private practice dentist who would like to retire or cut back on hours, or an associate dentist who wants ownership or more input in how the practice is run.

The primary goal of the website is to provide an overview of the benefits of joining Gendus and offer easily navigable CTAs that would lead visitors down the path of discovering the “Path to Partnership.”


Services Delivered

  • Naming Consultation
  • Trademark Search
  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction & Graphic Design
  • Website Design & Development