Improving Website Functionality and User Experience for the Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners

By Leigh Farrior

As part of a rebranding effort for the Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners, Stamp re-imagined their out-of-date website into a new, bright, and highly functional experience that fit within GDPR and ADA compliance standards.

Improving Website Functionality and User Experience for the Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners


The primary goals were to clarify who they are and what they do, improve site architecture, functionality, and mobile experience, and enhance the overall design to be more modern and utilize a new color palette. We also transitioned the site into an easy-to-use CMS platform so ALBME could easily keep the site updated.


After defining the challenge in the discovery process, we defined our audiences and what we wanted to accomplish for them.

  • Current physicians who need to renew their licenses and new physicians who need to apply for a license
  • Current nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and others who need to register
  • Consumers and the general public that need to look up a license for a physician or file a complaint
  • Other organizations and the public that need the ability to request an active database list

We then defined their user paths during the experience design phase. We determined calls to action, simplified content, and developed the architecture of key pages to assist in the user paths.

  • Licensees should have access to login to the Licensee Portal (iGov) & renew their license
  • Physicians/Registrants should be able to easily see the process, instructions, & apply for a license. Since it can be a lengthy process, they need the ability to check their status (iGov).
  • The public needs to search for a licensee (iGov), file a complaint, or request a database (iGov)
  •  Hospitals, Insurance, and Other Orgs need convenient access to the portal to verify credentials

Next, we completed the visual design, determining hierarchy in sizes, ADA compliance colors, and determined other visual elements to draw visitor interest and keep them engaged.

Finally, we moved through the development phase, involving the client every step of the way with reviews and approvals to ensure their needs and expectations were met. We also completed browser testing and other website examinations to prevent any hiccups during and post-launch.


RESULTS: The simplified and clear navigation and content organization, along with SEO efforts, helped increase sessions by 5.5% and visitor duration on the site by 6.9% year-over-year.

The new site makes it easy for physicians and practitioners to login and renew their licenses and includes a comprehensive site search, news section, and meta title tags and meta description tags for SEO. It also complies with ADA recommendations, compresses images for fastest load times, and was developed in a user-friendly CMS platform.


  • Analytics
  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction & Graphic Design
  • Website Design & Development